Dark Chocolate Almonds
SKU: Choc104 : Category: Chocolate : Tag: Veg Rs. 160 per 100 grams It is time to let your kids know that healthy snacks can be tasty as well. The dark chocolate almonds are definitely mouth-watering and will leave you asking...
Rs. 160.00
Cashew Dark Compound
SKU: Choc113 ; Category: Chocolate ; Tag: Veg Now Mom won’t mind you binging on chocolates! Make Chocolate coated Cashews your true love giving you nutty flavour in each bite. Chocolaty coating on the outside and cashew filled inside, get on...
Rs. 160.00
Blackcurrant White Compound
SKU: Choc110 ; Category: Chocolate ; Tag: Veg Purple candies with gooey white chocolate inside will give you a ride through the bitter-sweet world of candies! Tangy Black currant coating filled with milk chocolates inside. Berrylicious flavour to the milky chocolate...
Rs. 160.00
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