Bubblegum Ball 100gm
SKU: CG100 ; Category: Fizzy ; Tag:  Veg Pop-in fruity balls in your mouth that have a  flavour that rolls and creates a hurricane of flavours inside you. These bubblegum balls have a glossy, colourful, and sugary coating outside and...
Rs. 180.00
Mint Imperials 100gm
SKU: HB125 ; Category: Uncategorized ; Veg Tag: Veg  These mint imperial candies give a dosage of minty freshness. Get a refreshed feeling with just a single bite. They are an ideal accompaniment at a birthday party or anniversary. Glazed...
Rs. 180.00
Extra Strong Mints 100gm
SKU: HB108; Categories: Hard Boil; Tag: Non-Veg This Extra Strong Mint creates a wave of freshness inside your mouth. It is suitable for people of all age groups, from children to adults as it gives a perfect kickstart to their...
Rs. 180.00
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